The 12:37
This train will call at the past, present, and future.

1.2:The Great Depression

2 years ago

Episode Notes

Nora runs into a serious problem when she realises she's taken the last of her antidepressants. Wheeler has a solution.

Content Warnings: anxiety, depression, discussion of antidepressants.

The 12:37 is a Queer Sci-Fi audio drama created and written by Alma Roda-Gil. Keep up with us at our website or on Twitter. If you like what we do, you can support us on Patreon. A transcript for this episode is available here.

This episode featured voice work from Nancy Ashcroft, Harry Whittaker, and Alma Roda-Gil. Our artwork is by Lucinda Livingstone. Our theme tune and soundtrack are by Jennifer Doveton.

The following sound effects from were used: 'Train Interior Ambiance' by Vlatko Bla┼żek, 'Chair on tiles (Fast)' by psychopancake, 'RG Wall Punch' by cmusounddesign,'Laboratory' by vedas,'Sliding Glass Door-004' by heyim89yearsold,'sink' by jesabat, 'Pillow Foley' by ChazzRavenelle.

This episode also featured 'Finding the Balance' by Kevin MacLeod.

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